Doug Exum began formal study of Shito-ryu karate with Jerry Ferguson and Julius Thiry of Washington Karate Association. After receiving the rank of Shodan, Exum sensei began teaching the Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu curriculum and went on to receive Nidan certification before his departure from WKA to assist in founding Pacific Karate Organization with Ferguson sensei. Under their guidance PKO became one of the most recognized schools in the Pacific Northwest with six locations, hundreds of students, and a highly successful competition team. Together they fostered numerous national and international champions.

In 1996 Exum sensei was affiliated with Shito-ryu International Karate-do kai and Kenzo Mabuni from whom he gained invaluable knowledge and training in the kata, bunkai and techniques specific to Seito Shito-ryu. The unique experience of training personally with Soke Mabuni has been a primary influence on his karate. Soke's insightful instruction, natural style of movement, and the genuine love of karate he expressed will forever be remembered.

Since Mabuni's death in June 2005 followed by Ferguson's passing in November 2006, Exum sensei remains a dedicated Shito-ryu practitioner who is currently ranked Roku-dan (6th degree) blackbelt. Shihan and Kyoshi titles awarded by Soke Mabuni distinguish him as a highly qualified instructor of Shito-ryu.

Exum sensei has participated in sport karate as competitor, coach, official, and tournament organizer. He is founder and chief instructor of Northwest Karate-do in Arlington, Washington and his students have numerous national and international sport karate awards to their credit. He has played a key role in directing numerous events including 1999 Seito Shito-ryu Taikai, NW Junior Classic, and Mabuni Cup tournaments. As an official, he is a recognized National Referee under authority of USA-National Karate Federation and is a Referee with the Pan-American Karate Federation. He is a founding member and president of Washington State Karate-do Federation, the regional sport organization of USA-NKF.

Courtesy Sensei Doug Exum

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