Roy started his karate training around 1968, with the KUGB, training under Sensei Enoeda Keinosuke, Sensei Kanazawa Hirokazu. And such Sensei as, Harada Sensei, Kato Sensei, Asano Sensei, he obtained his 4th Dan under Kanazawa Sensei, he is especially grateful to Sensei Terry Oneill, Sensei Ronnie Colwell and the late Great Steve Cattle, and so many more, please don't feel offended if your name does not appear her, you are important to him.

Again the monster of politics raised its ugly head, and the Dojo's joined the first free thinking none KUGB Shotokan Association: Thames Karate International : headed up by Sensei Ray Fuller, this came about because of Sensei Kanazawa not being able to aquire a work permit to teach in the UK. Eventually resolved when Kanazawa Sensei formed his own Association SKI.

A large gathering of the British Shotokan Seniors met at a place overlooking the river Thames, and has a name was being discussed with regard to what to call our fledgling group. Sensei Ray Full came up with the name Thames.

"Thames" was said to be an old norse word meaning "Clear Waters" and it was felt that was just what was needed, and Thames Karate International, continues to this day over 30 years have passed, The Senior Instructor of Roy's Club after a couple of years decided to form his own association and this he did greatly aided by Roy and the other Seniors, but so much water has passed under the bridge, the bitter and the sweet.

Roy Fox image

Roy Fox sensei (right)

So many times the monster of politics would rear it head and bite, governing body's would come and go, but the hart of Karate as it was meant to be would live on, and see a whole host of powerful politicians who are now forgotten.

Roy now spends so much time going to Japan for advanced training under many Japanese Sensei who over the last years have become his mentors, but his first stop in Tokyo is always Kancho Kanazawa`s Hombu Dojo.

He is only one of three none Japanese to become a full certified member of the Shobukan Japan Under the direct instruction of the Great Master Sohan Hayashi Ryuji.

A Highlight for him was to be asked to referee the England Team under Ticky Donovan vs Holland at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, commemoration 50 years of organised British Karate.


He has managed to escape the monster of politics, and is immersed in his Karate, while holding out the hand of Karate Fraternity to all Karaka in the World. as this bio is being written he is preparing to go again to Italy for a 4 day grueling referee stage, he has European Internationals to attend in various country's, culminating with the WUKO world Championships to be held in Trinidad and Tobago. In Italy he has a meeting with WUKO President Carlo Henke 8th Dan and Master Eiji Ogasahra 9th Dan Vice President.

Assistant to the British WUKO Delegate
Graduate Japan Institute ( established 1956 by K. Yoshida Sensei
Chief Instructor To the Kobukan Institute ( Great Britain Section)
Certified member Shobukan Honbu Japan
Seibukan Kokusai Kyokai
Federation English Karate Organisations
English Karate Alliance
International Instructor and Examiner

Courtesy Sensei Ronnie Colwell

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