Dentō-tekina Sensei

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Yabu Kentsu traditional karate teacher

We may well question ourselves, "what is a traditional Sensei?" Some say, "teacher," although this may be so in the dictionary for the rudimentary meaning, we know there is more to the teaching title than this.

Therefore, we can begin by saying the traditional Sensei, is indeed a "lifetime guide" to their students, one who has acquired the foundation of wisdom from their study. The "Sensei," must set in place regular self-training time to polish and form the necessary skills to share and teach others. We have all heard of the term, "kaizen," or in English, we say "continuous self-improvement." This can only be achieved by devoting time to self-training.

Although by creating within ourselves, small and unpretentious changes which can futher lead to a lifetime of self-improvement and harmony, the traditional Sensei, has now begun to evolve.

The traditional Sensei is one who shares the embodiment of "Do" and the lifestyle of traditional martial arts with others, being a "part time teacher," is not ever an option! As your life's journey travel's onward, so does the acquisition of skillfull knowledge, incontrovertibly the connection or relationship between the Sensei and deshi is ongoing throughought ones natural lifetime and beyond. Enjoy this wonderful gift which is being generously shared by both teacher and pupil.

Training under a sincere traditional Sensei goes far beyond the basic physical excerise, therefore be humble, be respectfull, refine the time honoured techniques which are shared, then mature your Kokoro, and maybe one day, you may turn out to be a "Dentō-tekina sensei."

In humble thoughts
O’Connor Hanshi – Judan.

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From Garry O'Connor Hanshi

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