Are you searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Is there a secret treasure hiiden at the end of the road of Karate? Are you trying to climb a mountain to see what's at the top? Or looking to "become enlightened?"

The idea that every punch, every kick, every class we attend, every belt we achieve is just a stepping stone to that 'something'.

Some of us haven't even paid a thought to what that 'something' really is, but we think there is 'something' there at the end of it all, whatever it might be.

The sad part of it all is that there really is no such thing. But we need that 'something' to keep the spirit alive and we reject anything that opposes it.

But don't give up on your dreams. Keep searching, but remember the reward isn't at the end.

What you are seeking is right at your feet.

The secret isnít whatís on top of the mountain, but the climb itself.

When one day you get to the top of the mountain, youíll see for yourself that there never was anything there to begin with.

Itís just cold and windy.

What youíll find is simply the sum of everything you have already learned during your journey, but were too busy ignoring because you were so focused on looking up at the top of the mountain ahead of you, trying to reach your goal.

The future is the present. The goal IS the journey. Enjoy the ride

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Inspired by & with thanks from Jesse Enkamp (from edited by Adam Carter

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