Tamayose Hidemi was born in Showa 24 (1949) July 14, on Ikema Jima, Miyako, south of Okinawa, to a family of eleven children. At sixteen years of age, he moved to Okinawa and upon graduating from the University of Okinawa, Tamayose began teaching High School. In 1975, he married his lovely wife Masako and they are both currently School teachers in Shimajiri, (southern) Okinawa where he resides with his wonderful family.

His formal training began in 1967 under Matsubayashi Shorinryu Karate Sensei, Shima Masao in Kanzatobaru, Naha City. In 1975 he changed to Kobayashi Shorinryu under Nakamura Seiyu Sensei who also taught him the Ryukyu Kobudo weapons Kata. In 1982, Tamayose began studying directly under Akamine Eisuke Sensei at the Hozon Shinko Kai Hombu dojo in Nesabu, Tomigusuku.

As one of the senior students, he was ranked Nanadan (7th) by Akamine Sensei and Hachidan (8th) by the Okinawa Ken Karate Do Rengo Kai and served as the Chairman of the board of Directors until the death of Akamine Sensei in 1999. Somehow, this humble man also finds time to be the president of the Okinawan (Kodomo Kai) Children's Development Association.

In 1995 Tamayose Sensei began teaching Kobudo seminars in Canada and the U.S. and plans are currently in progress to teach in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Britain. Tamayose's purpose is to promote correct Ryukyu Kobudo throughout the world. Tirelessly teaching the syllabus of History, 23 Kata, Kihon and Kumite with perfect form and incredible power, this quiet Okinawan Master is rapidly gaining International acclaim. His shy sincerity and teaching style are perhaps the key to his popularity and respect among his peers in the Okinawan Karate Kobudo community. It is not uncommon on any given week to see him enthusiastically teaching students from all over the world in his Hombu dojo in Ozato.

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