Ken Sakio recalls

The first time I met master Mabuni was in July 1939, when I needed letters of introduction to master Miyagi, Chibana and Johma in Okinawa. I belonged to the karate club of Toyo University and our karate instructor, master Choyuh Motobu, had returned to Okinawa due to age. I had no other acquaintances, so I Boldly asked master Kenwa Mabuni to write letters of introduction for us to find another karate instructor. Master Mabuni was kind enough to meet me, an unknown student and to give us letters of introduction with kind advice. It was through this connection that I came to learn karate under master Mabuni in later days.

From December 1941, when Japan rushed into the Pacific War, we all lived precarious lives. But, I was charmed by the personality of master Mabuni and the appeal of karate, and I devoted myself to practice under master Mabuni, valuing the short period left to me until my enlistment in April 1941.

Recalling those times, I still now feel deep gratitude to master Mabuni, Mrs. Mabuni, for allowing me to come everyday with my lunch box and practice karate till late at night, forgetting about the time of the last train.

Master Mabuni was 50 years old then and reaching his peak. His lessons were so exhaustive, going into so many minute details that I was constantly surprised by his vitality in seeking the essence of karate. That was fifty years ago. I am ashamed that in spite of those kind lessons from master Mabuni, with so much toil, I remain immature in arts of karate.

Ken Sakio

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Courtesy Sensei A. Tanzadeh


Ken Sakio performing kata

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