1942 - Born in Takatsuki, Osaka as the first son of Ryusho Sakagami on March 9th.

1954 - Studied Karatedo and Kendo under his father Ryusho from the age of 12.

1956 - Performed Kata at the Head Dojo's establishment ceremony on May 13.

1964 - Studied Ryukyu Kobudo under Master Shinken Taira from February.

1966 - Kata champion at the 4th Rengokai Western Japan Tournament on September 11th.

1967 - Kata champion at the 4th Itosu-kai National Championships on November 19th.

1969 - Kata champion of the 8th Rengokai National Championships on May 4th.

Sadaaki Sakagami Soke

1970 - Performed Ryukyu Kobudo with his father Ryusho at the 1st World Karatedo Championships on October 10th in Tokyo, Japan.

1973 - Ryusho, his father bestowed upon him the Itosu-ryu Shihan certification on October 1st. Started instruction as a fulltime Shihan at the general Head Dojo.

1975 - Went to Canada to instruct Karate. Since then he has taught Karate all over the world.

1983 - Acquired official 7th Dan of the Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) on November 6th.

1985 - JKF 2nd Grade Examiner in April.

1992 - Japan Karatedo Rengokai bestowed upon him Karatedo 8th Dan on August 19th.

1994 - Succeeded to the position of 4th Itosu-ryu Soke and became the President of Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai on April 30.

1997 - JKF bestowed upon him the title of Karatedo Kyoshi on March 15th.

1999 - Chief secretaty and JKF Central Technical Committee Member on April 1st.

2000 - Earn the honor as Karatedo Hanshi from Japan Karatedo Rengokai.

2002 - Japan Karatedo Federaion (JKF) bestowed upon him Karatedo 8th Dan on March 10th.

2003 - On April 1st, Installed as vice chairperson of JKF Central Technical Committee and holds the post of chief secretary concurrently.

2004 - JKF 1st Grade Examiner in April 1st.

Serves as acting chairperson of the Board of Directors of Japan Karatedo Rengokai, regular director of Kanagawa Prefectural Karatedo Federation and vice president of Yokohama Karatedo Federation.

Other Martial Arts career : Holds titles of Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Iaido Kyoshi 5th Dan, Jodo Kyoshi 6th Dan and Ryukyu Kobudo Shihan.

Courtesy Japan Karate-Do Itosu-Kai

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