1. Students must be humble and polite. Show deep respect to one another and senior members when greeting both inside and outside the dojo. Always bow to Sensei when receiving personal instruction; when stepping on or off the training floor, when entering or leaving the dojo, and whenever you practice with a partner

2. Always be on time for classes. If late, await permission from the instructor to line up. If the sensei is not present, the senior student will start the class when it is time to begin. All students must follow the senior’s instructions as though he/she were the sensei.

3. Students entering the dojo will immediately approach and bow to all blackbelts already in the dojo.

4. Follow the formal opening and closing ceremony (Reishiki) as explained in class whenever you practice.

5. Under no circumstances will any form of Karate be taught by any member to any non-member

6. There will be no smoking, drinking, eating or chewing gum, "horse play", or loud talking in the dojo

7. Shoes should always be worn to class and removed upon entering the dojo. No shoes are allowed on the dojo floors. All members will assist in keeping the dojo clean

8. All students are to quietly get on with their own practice until called to "Kiotsuke", in other words DO NOT TALK during instruction or practice

9. The instructor is addressed as "Sensei" during class

10. When a visitor is brought to the Dojo always introduce the visitor to the Sensei as soon as possible

11. If you understand a command or instruction, reply with a spirited "OSU!", if you do not understand raise your hand immediately

12. All fees must be paid on time

13. Each student must be a member of good standing with the Shuri Karate Dojo and its governing body

14. Before belt testing will be granted, the student must have the permission of the instructor

15. It is regarded an insult to ask the instructor about when an individual will grade - wait to be informed

16. The club reserves the right to withhold membership

17. Pay very close attention to yourīs, otherīs and Dojo Etiquette.

18. All students must follow the basic rules of good hygiene. Bathe regularly, cut fingernails and toe-nails and wash your practice clothing as needed.

19. Karate-Do, as we teach it, is like a family. Therefore, treat one another with respect and courtesy, as Brothers and Sisters. Work hard and give each other a good practice, but pay attention to safety!


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