Ryuji Hayashi started training at aged 16 his Uechi-Ryu Karate directly under Uechi Kani Sensei from whom he would eventually receive the highest technical award (at that time 5th Dan was the highest technical award).

At the same time he started Kobudo training directly under Akamine Eisuke Sensei (who was the senior Teacher) and Minowa Katsuhiko Sensei, again he received the highest technical Dan award directly.

His teachers regularly came to Amami Oshima to teach and he spent years on Okinawa (it should be mentioned that at that time the Dan awards where very strict. (and especially under these Senior Masters) he would be 40 years old by the time he achieved these highest technical and ability awards.

During 1999 Akamine Eisuke passed away, and has he had been awarded the highest technical grades, his trips to Okinawa became less frequent so he focused on polishing his own technique and passing on the knowledge to his own students.

Has often happens when the Senior Teachers pass away there is division amongst the remaining seniors, Hayashi Sensei strongly maintains that he will not alter the teachings or the Kata that where directly passed on to him to appeal to the masses.

He constructed a Dojo in Amami Oshima with over 100 students and sadly it was destroyed by a Typhoon, they rebuilt and the same thing happened to the second. As the Ryukyu are severely prone to Typhoon.

Currently Hayashi sensei is Kancho of the Oshima Shubukan, teaching Uechi-Ryu and Kobudo
Senior member: Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Hozonkai
Senior member: Ryukyu Kobudo Hozonkai (President Kinjo Sensei)
Technical Director of the: Japan Institute
Vice President: Kobukan Institute

Information provided by Ronnie Colwell

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