Yoshinao Nanbu is one of the most respected Japanese Masters in the world. Being a descendant of a Bushi family (Samurai) he has inherited the large and secret knowledge of his clan and enriched it with 30 years of personal experience and research. About 20 years ago he founded his own martial art: NANBUDO.

Yoshinao Nanbu, born 1943 in Kobe (Japan), grew up in a milieu in which Budo was held in high esteem. His great grandfather Yoko Zuna was a famous Sumotori, and at the early age of five years Yoshinao¡¦s formation as a budoka began with learning Judo from his father (5th Dan). After a few years he also began learning Kendo from his uncle. At the age of 18, when Yoshinao was admitted at the University of Economic Sciences in Osaka, he discovered Karate.

He followed the teachings of Master Tani (8th Dan) and Master Tanaka and soon became the best Karateka in Japan. In 1963, he won the title of University Champion of Japan, an event in which there were 1250 competitors. Henry Plée, the promoter of Karate in France, was impressed by the perfomances and motivations of the young champion and invited him to come to Europe and take part in numerous competitions. There again Yoshinao Nanbu won event after event (French Cup, European Championship etc.)

In 1968 he returned to Japan. He wanted to enrich his technique and his knowledge of the science of budo. During that year, Master Tani entrusted Yoshinao Nanbu with the mission of developing Shukokai Karate in Europe. He fulfilled the mission with success.

At 27 years of age Yoshinao Nanu arrived at such a high degree of skill that he created his own method and called it Sankukai. However he felt that Sankukai was only a stage in his journey.

In 1974, he withdrew completely from the world of martial arts and went to Cap d`¡¦Ail. There, amidst the natural elements, he was able to meditate and connect with the true value of things. He discovered the precise path he really should follow: NANBUDO was born.

Since NANBUDO¡¦s creation in 1978, Yoshinao Nanbu has been constantly developing and refining his art. He directs seminars all over the world.

Courtesy Worldwide Nanbu Federation

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