Started 1967 in Wado Ryu and trained under Senseis Tatsuo Suzuki, Maeda, Fuji and Kobayashi. Started clubs at Brunel - The University of West London while studying for his first university degree, and in Bracknell, his home town. The Bracknell club, formed in 1973, became the Hombu for the group of clubs subsequently established.

Before leaving Wado Ryu in 1976, Roger achieved the rank of 3rd Dan, had competed at national level, was a fully qualified national judge and referee, and had served on the technical and executive committees of the United Kingdom Karate-do Wadokai.

In 1975 Roger and his clubs joined Sensei Yoshinao Nanbu's Sankukai group, training primarily with Sensei Ryozo Tsukada. After the breakup of the Sankukai group and the creation of Nanbudo, Roger remained with Sensei Ryozo Tsukada, who subsequently joined Sensei Kenji Kusano in mainstream Shitoryu. In that group Roger retook his Sankukai 5th Dan and was awarded 5th Dan Shitoryu.

When political differences caused problems within the Shitoryu group, Roger and his clubs created the British Shitoryu Karate Association (BSKA) in 1985. After a number of years as a member of the English Karate governing body Roger and his clubs decided to join forces with Frank Perry's Seiki Juko (true spirit) organisation UKSKO as the Shitoryu arm of the group. Roger holds the rank of 8th Dan Kyoshi.

Courtesy British Shitoryu Karate Association

Roger Mills Kyoshi image

Roger Mills Kyoshi

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