Master Chojiro Tani was born in Kobe Japan in 1921. At the age 19 he entered university and joined the karate club that had been started in 1937 by Master Chojun Miyagi founder of Goju-ryu. Two years later after numerous lessons under Master Miyagi he suggested it might be a good idea if another Master also taught at the club. His name was Kenwa Mabuni.

Like Miyagi, Kenwa Mabuni had been a Student of Kanryo Higaonna along with students Juhatsu Kyoda and Sekou Hika. After visiting Master Mabuni`s house and telling him of Master Miyagi`s idea Master Mabuni agreed it was a good idea to teach at the university. So Master Mabuni started to teach at the Doshisha university and some students including Master Tani use to visit him at his house every day for extra training.

The impending war came and Master Tani was called to fight for his country. After the war and working in a tax office Master Tani could see the young people were looking for something so he started to teach karate in an open air car park in the centre of Kobe. Starting with 5 students he called his new club "SHUKOKAI" (way for all). His group soon grew to over 100 and it soon became apparent he needed a new dojo. One year later he built one combined with his house which is still at the same location today.

In 1946 Master Tani was presented with the scroll of succession from Master Mabuni which meant he could start up his own sect "Tani-ha Shito-ryu". With the help of Master Tani`s students Senseis Sawada, Oda, Fujiwara and Fujitani they succeeded in building up the Shukokai Organisation. In the 1960`s Master Tani visited Europe where Tani-ha Shito-ryu spread rapidly and went on to reach most parts of the world.

Master Tani passed away Sunday 11th January 1998

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