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BSKA - Roger Mills
Cyberbudo - Terry Wingrove
English Karate Federation Ltd - design influenced
Ernest J. Estrada
Fighting Arts International
Garry O'Connor - Takahashi-ha no Ryu-Kyu Shuri-te
Genbu-Kai International
International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation
International Federation of Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Organizations
International Karate Organization Kyokushinkai
International Santen Karate Association (ISKA)
James Herndon
Japan Karate Association
Japan Karate-Do Federation Shito-Kai
Japan Karatedo Kunibakai International
Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai
KDS Portugal
Kojo Ryu Koshinkan Association
Natsuko Mineghishi
Okinawa Prefectural Government
Paul Ferris - Kenshikan Shito-Ryu
Soke Del Saito - Saito-Ha Shito-Ryu / Traditional Karate-do Federation International
Phil Snewin - Kamishin Ryu Karate-Do
Seibukan Shorin-Ryu
Sensei Sam Moledzki - Shito-Kai
Ronnie Colwell
Rudy Crosswell
RyuKyu Kobujutsu Association of Great Britain
RyuKyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai
Sensei A Tanzadeh - Shito-Kai
Sensei Keiji Tomiyama - Kofukan
Shukokai International
Southwest Academy of Kyokushinkai Karate
Tetsuhiro Hokama
Wado International Karate-Do Federation
Wigan Bujutsu Kai
World Kobukan Federation
World Matsubayashi Ryu Karate-Do Association
World Seido Juku Karate Organization
World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation (WSKF)
World Wide Nanbu Federation

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