The World Kobukan Federation formed by Master Ronnie Colwell in the United Kingdom, sanctioned by WUKO (World Union of Karate-Do Organizations). Master Ronnie Colwell, 9th Dan Shotokan, is the WUKO representative for the United Kingdom, and a founder of British Martial Arts. The WKF was formed by Master Colwell with the goal of unifying Martial Artists of all different styles under one very large roof in a Non-Political open environment of sharing and exchange. This affiliation will sanction World Kobukan Federation events and activities throughout the world.

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Non political
  • Uniting All Styles
  • Honour and Friendship
  • Exchange and Unity
  • Individual, Instructor and School membership

Master Colwell started the WKF as a way to share his dream of Martial Artists being able to find each other anywhere in the world. "It's like a fraternity" he remarked "I want Budoka from all over the world to be able if they find themselves in need to contact another WKF member anywhere they go."

Ronnie Colwell is a legendary figure in British Martial Arts. He is one of the founding fathers of British Karate and British Ju Jutsu. He held the post of first chief instructor to the British Ju Justsu Association, the governing body for Ju Jutsu in the UK. Colwell's life has been spent in the study of the martial systems of Japan. From a young boy in the back streets of Liverpool to today, he has tirelessly devoted himself to pursuing excellence. A renowned International Instructor, Colwell has taught throughout the world. He is known as a very direct and straight talking budoka who doesn't suffer fools gladly. In Colwell's own words "I live my life as I train, always getting straight to the heart of it. Life is too short to waste on superfluous or wasted action. This is as true in the dojo as out of it."

Information & image provided by the WKF

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